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Moving Checklist

Moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life; if you leave everything to the last minute. Advance planning and some preparation can make good use of the time between an offer being accepted and moving day. Every home move is different but as a guide we have included below some of the jobs that can be done along the way.

So you are at stage nine of our moving process, well done. The average sale in Ireland takes 8 to 10 weeks, you can’t account for everyone in your chain but you can ensure your part in the proceedings doesn’t hold anything up.


You have chosen solicitors and finance arrangements are underway. We will write to them informing all parties that the sale / purchase has started. 

It’s essential to return all paperwork as quickly as possible to the solicitors and mortgage broker. This is everything from Photo & Address ID to funds for searches. The legal and financial processes run in tandem so small delays here can result in an extended time frame


You have returned everything and nothing seems to be happening! In the first two weeks of the sale, once the professionals have your paperwork, the work behind the scenes IS happening. You just can’t see the forms flying around and the contract being prepared. 

Very shortly your mortgage valuation or survey will be happening. If not, this needs chasing and / or organising. 

Start collecting boxes and stocking up on moving products like cleaning kit, blank stickers, tape etc. 


You might receive more paperwork to sign and return. You should also be expecting your mortgage offer to come in or more questions from the lender. 

Get estimates and potential removal dates from removal firms. Ask about packing, unpacking & insurance during your move. If you are moving yourself, check your home contents insurance policy for cover in transit and at your new address. Rope in as many friends as possible to help! 

If you are renting, now is the time to discuss the time between exchange and completion with your solicitor and us. You won’t want to give notice to your landlord until you have exchanged contracts so adding a couple of weeks in-between exchange and completion can reduce your overlap. 

Check your home insurance and ensure you have cover from the day of exchange on the property you are moving to. 


You’ll be exchanging shortly and you have got everything in place during the weeks leading up to now. Start confirming dates with solicitors /buyers / sellers / removals. Remember to only put deposits down once you have exchanged contracts. 

Clear items that are not making the move especially in the attic and outbuildings. 

Notify friends, organisations and companies of your change in address. 

Arrange for child care on moving day and possibly someone to look after pets for the day. 

Book time off from work – you’ll need more days before and after the move than you think. 

Gather spare keys together and leave a set with us to save a trip to the office on moving day.


Clearly label any items you are leaving for the new owners and remove any fixed objects not included in your sale. 

Make up a tool kit with screwdriver, pliers, knife, hammer, hooks, bulbs etc. and keep it handy. 

Advise your solicitor of the expected time of your move so they can ensure all completion money has been transferred from buyer to seller, prior to your arrival. 

Defrost freezer and pack your picnic, kettle & the tool box into your car. 

Clean down all paintwork and working surfaces, including sanitary ware. 

Clean and cover carpets which are being walked over to avoid damage. 

Don’t forget to leave any spare pots of paint, spare tiles etc. the new owners can use for touch.


Strip beds and pack bedding, nightclothes, towels etc. 

Take down curtains if they are not being left behind and remove rugs and loose floor coverings that are going with you. 

Check all storage spaces and rooms are clear, lock all doors and windows, check kids and pets are on board! 

Make a note of, and photograph, all Gas and Electricity meter readings. Leave a note of the reading for the new owner as well as any of the frequently asked questions below. 

Check with us to see if the new owner is moving in today, as they may ask you to leave the heating and utilities on. Ask if you can have the readings for the property you are moving to and if the utilities can be left on so the house is warm for your arrival. 

Leave keys with us or as arranged with the new owners. 

Collect your new keys from the agent, solicitors or the previous owners, as agreed.

 Enjoy your new home!

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